Thursday, January 7, 2010

Does feeding dogs gunpowder actually work?

Does it actually make them really mean?Does feeding dogs gunpowder actually work?
This isn't a trolling question, it's an honest question inspired by a dog myth. It's absolutely not true that it will make a dog mean. It will make them sick though.

Feeding dogs raw meat or blood doesn't make them mean either. However that doesn't make them sick.Does feeding dogs gunpowder actually work?
No, it deteriorates the lining of their stomach. It causes serious discomfort and may lead to bleeding ulcers. Don't do it.

Any non-idiot knows dogs protect ppl they love. You feed that dog gun powder and that's not love, it's stupidity! Just teach your dog..... dont poison it.
no it dose not make the dog mean it just poisons them
Not only could that kill your dog, but it could kill the whole neighborhood if he farted near an open flame!!!

(just kidding....)
No! Foolish nonsense. This would make your dog sick. The sicker it gets the more irritable the dog will get until you kill it. Please do not kill a dog.
no you ******* prick! It is you people that end up killing lots of dpgs and creates breeding houses!!!!!!!!!! I hope that dog bites your nose off!
What dumb-*** school did you graduate from? You must have been in the top 10%!!! I hope they get you for animal cruelty.
Didn't work on my dawg but it sure made dad mean when I put it in his beer.
What's with all the trolling tonight?!
Your an idiot.
Maybe really sick.....
No... it just poisons them

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